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We met Mark & Jill at the MN State Fair in 2013, at the “pet building”.  We chatted about losing our prior Standard Poodle a year or so earlier.  Then Mark mentioned they would be breeding Bonnie in the coming year!  Our boys fell in love with Bonnie that day, and were choosing names while we were leaving the fairgrounds.   We watched and waited and got the awesome email that puppies were due to be born and would I be interested!   Would we?!  

Our Bailey was born in the 12/23/14 litter.   We were able to spend as much time with the puppies as we could.  We chose our Bailey and couldn’t wait.  Mark and Jill are so awesome with the puppies. Bailey came to us mostly potty trained, loving people and kids, all of her first vaccines and even knew her name!   

Bailey is truly a joy. She loves rough housing with our Teen and Pre-teen boys and also takes time out to snuggle!  She and our older miniature poodle get along great and are always together, unless they are fighting over someones lap.  Yes, she thinks she’s a lap dog! 

I would most definitely recommend Dover Quality Poodles for your next puppy.  Mark and Jill really put lots of love, time and care into what they do.  They send you puppy photos and keep you involved and also stay involved as much as you like, after you take your puppy home.  They enjoy watching their puppies grow into their new fur-ever homes!

Audra Morse


Hi, my name is Maddie from Wisconsin.  I grew up at Jill and Mark's home with my eleven littermates.  It was such a clean, happy environment, with TV, toys galore and many dogs and people around to socialize us all! 


When my owner, Susan, came to pick me out...I was sure to be front and center, as much as I could.  The puppies confused her well, with all the black and white patterns and all!  But in the end, she picked me.  We are Nuts about each other!  Now, just over a year later,  I am very, very smart and happy in my home.  I am on squirrel watch...those little buggers steal the birdseed and my job is to quietly sneak through the house...and peek out the window to see if they are packing it in.  When I get let out...I never catch them....but, I scare the fluff out of they stay away for awhile!!!  In my house we play lots of games. 


I do stays while my toys get hidden in different rooms.   I always find them by scenting them out.  Mom says she will start me tracking this spring! ( Sounds like a good job for me!)  I love catching my toys when thrown in the air, retrieving, and I am good at standing on my table for grooming.  I was a star in my obedience class, but because I am wary of some people, need more work on accepting strangers.( We are working on that.)  I love going for car rides.  Sometimes we go to the new dog park.  I love other dogs to chase me.  I run circles around them.  Gotta Go!  Time to Eat!  

Maddie in Wisconsin

We had recently lost our dog when we happened upon Dover Quality Poodles.  We weren’t looking for a Poodle necessarily but when we met Swagger we instantly fell in love. 


When we visited Dover Kennels, Jill was very patient and informative as we had never owned a Poodle.  We went home with Swagger  and it was the best decision ever.  We have remained in contact with Jill and about a year after we got  Swagger, Kiwi came to live with us. 


Both of these fur kids have amazing personalities and are the most loving little creatures ever., Thanks to the great start they received from Jill, their training has been very easy. 


If you’re looking for a Quality Standard Poodle puppy we would highly recommend Dover Quality Poodles.  Jill is very passionate and is dedicated to breeding only high quality Standard Poodles.

Pete & Dana Dutchak

Standard Poodle Puppies
Minnesota Standard Poodles For Sale

We had been looking at getting a Standard Poodle puppy for quite some time, and had looked at many breeders before choosing Dover Quality Poodles.  Our decision proved to be one of the best decisions we have ever made.  We brought home our Jackson, formerly Piney, on March 9th, 2015.  When he came to us, he was mostly house broken, and finishing this task was a breeze, thanks to the great start he had with Jill.  He has an amazing personality in that he is extremely lovable, loyal, friendly, and very intelligent. 


When choosing which pup we wanted, we visited Dover Kennel twice, and Jill was very inviting and patient as we spent time with each available puppy.  In addition, Jill has always been available to answer any questions or concerns we may have, and we are very thankful for that.  We would highly recommend Jill and Dover Quality Poodles for your next puppy.

Tom and Laura Ondich

We were lucky to receive Luke from the December 2014 litter. He is a amazing dog, who is not only very smart, but is a true gentleman. He gets along fabulously with our other pets and especially with my grandchildren ages, 2 and 5.


Jill and Mark raise wonderful dogs. My only caution is be careful, once you have one you will want more!


                                  Christine Meyer

Minnesota Standard Poodles For Sale

​If you have already decided on a Standard Poodle puppy, you  already know about the Poodle's intelligence and temperament.  


If you don't know  Standard Poodles, you should take some time to get to know the breed.  Click HERE to learn more.


We are here to help you to select a quality Standard Poodle puppy.  Whether you seek a Companion, Therapy Dog, Agility Dog, or Hunting Dog,  Standard Poodles will not disappoint you. Please contact us with your questions.


Jill Huston and  Mark Anderson
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